Project Profile

Project Profile

Richard’s Grove Pavilion

Jackson Family Wines

Santa Rosa, California

Ledcor completes Richard’s Grove Pavilion for the Jackson Wine Family

Once inundated by the overflowing Russian River, Richard’s Grove is now fully restored and outfitted with a signature hospitality and entertainment pavilion that overlooks the lush meadow.
Our Ledcor team worked with Jessie Whitesides of ASquared Studios in Santa Rosa, CA, who designed the project for the Jackson wine family at their estate in West Sonoma County, a region known for its winemaking.
The pavilion’s unique catering kitchen is made from a reconditioned rail car sourced in Reedley, CA. Requiring a logistically-designed route to accommodate the height of the rail car, Ledcor organized special transportation efforts to avoid highway underpasses and other obstacles.
Upon its arrival to the site, the rail car was craned over several heritage oak trees and onto a set of rails adjacent to the hospitality and entertainment building.
The pavilion features a custom fireplace and a frame made of exposed structural steel. The three steel doors weigh an impressive 1588 kilograms (3,500 pounds) each, but are perfectly counterbalanced to pivot with a simple push.
Since its completion in December 2014, the pavilion has seen considerable use, hosting the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Annual Awards Dinner, 4-H Awards Receptions, Auction Fund Raisers, and several picturesque weddings.
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