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Ledcor Completes Acquisition of Arctic Sunwest Charters

PRESS RELEASE - VANCOUVER, BC – The Ledcor Group of Companies announced today that it has concluded the purchase of Arctic Sunwest Charters assets. Paul McElligott, President of both Ledcor Air Limited and Summit Air Charters, was on-hand in Yellowknife yesterday to personally welcome all ninety new employees into the Ledcor family.

Arctic Sunwest and Summit Air will operate as separate legal entities with their current management and organizational structures for approximately 9 – 12 months.

“We plan to consult with both companies on the best way to integrate the two operations in the long term,” said McElligott. “We are pleased to be welcoming such a talented and dedicated group of employees to Ledcor.”

In the near future, Summit Air employees and aircraft will both operate from Arctic Sunwest’s hangar, as well as coordinate dispatch operations and business development efforts. Operations will continue to be based out of Yellowknife.

The combined composition of the two fleets, the northern operational experience, and additional facilities will offer customers a wider range of flight options and better access to remote locations. Ledcor also owns and operates Summit Air Charters. Summit Air has been providing specialized remote passenger and cargo air services on a charter basis in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut for over 20 years.

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