Pipe Fabrication & Module Assembly

Ledcor owns and operates a pipe fabrication and module assembly facility in Nisku, Alberta, located along the province’s “High Load Transportation Corridor.” The facility gives us the  ability to meet the needs of any project’s scope.

This high production facility has:
  •     40,000 square feet of indoor pipe fabrication
  •     5,000 square feet of indoor sandblast
  •     5,000 square feet of indoor painting areas
  •     40,000 diameter inches of pipe welding per month
  •     In-house pipe spooling services using a CAD system
  •     14 overhead cranes for movement of materials
  •     Computerized pipe cutting and pipe end preparation
  •     A protected and contained non-destructive testing bunker area, allowing for continuous pipe fabrication while   also X-ray testing of pipe joints
  •     Space available to manage up to 100 modules at any one time of various sizes in a variety of stages of assembly and completion
  •     A rail spur line into the site for receipt of incoming materials
The entire facility is designed and constructed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our throughput capacity for pipe fabrication is about 40,000 unfactored diameter inches per month. We have shipped  approximately 25 completed modules each month, while another 75 modules have been  in various stages of completion.