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National Day Of Mourning 2018

At Ledcor, our commitment to safety is a core value we practice every day, both on and off the worksite. It is an important part of our culture and leads our operations no matter the job. Our employees think safety and work safely.
The Day of Mourning or Workers’ Memorial Day is approaching. Every year on April 28th, workers, families, employers, and communities across Canada come together to honour those who lost their lives, were injured, or made ill because of a work-related incident.
In recognition of this year’s Day of Mourning, over seven days, we featured on our social channels Ledcor’s ‘7 Safety Commitments’—as told through the eyes of our employees. 

Below are the commitments that were shared. As you read about how our employees practise safety in their own lives, we ask for you to reflect on and renew your own personal commitment to safety.

We work with our employees, contractors, and partners to share ideas and develop “next” practices. Always going forward together.

Use HS&E tools and training to plan your work safely​. 

If you take care of yourself and others, business will take care of itself. ​

Safety is on-the-job, off-the-job, and everywhere in between. 

Through the implementation of our health and safety program, we can prevent incidents and stop people from getting hurt.​

No job is so urgent or important that it cannot be done safely. 

Intervene, correct, or speak up about any health and safety issue.

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